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Wisconsin's Artisan Cheesemakers
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The hour-long version of "Living on the Wedge" visits with award-winning cheesemakers:

* Sid Cook - Carr Valley Cheese Company
* George Crave - Crave Brothers Farmstead Cheese
* Mike and Carol Gingrich - Uplands Cheese Company
* Julie and Tony Hook - Hook's Cheese
* Willi Lehner - Bleu Mont Dairy
* Anne Topham - Fantome Farm

The cheeses featured in the film are available for purchase through:




Larry's Market

8737 N Deerwood Dr.
Brown Deer, WI 53209
(414) 355-9650


The Cheese Stands Alone

4547 N Western Ave
Chicago, IL 60625
(773) 293-3870

Marion Street Market

101 N Marion Street
(between Lake St & North Blvd)
Oak Park, IL 60301
(708) 848-2088






Carr Valley Cheese
Mari assists Sid Cook in flipping curd slabs destined to be bandaged cheddar. View the video clip.

Hook's Cheese
Tony Hook shows Mari that blue cheese is pierced to allow the blue culture to get air so it can grow. View the video clip.

Bleu Mont Dairy
Mari gets a big whiff of the amazing aroma of Willi Lehner's Lil' Will's Big Cheese. View the video clip.