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Wisconsin's Artisan Cheesemakers
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WELCOME to "The Wedge"

Nominated for a James Beard Foundation Award for best television special, "Living on the Wedge: Wisconsin's Artisan Cheesemakers" is a fun and fanciful, hour-long documentary roadtrip through southern Wisconsin with Mariana Coyne, food writer and the City of Chicago's original "farm forager" for the its network of farmers' markets.

Traveling from creamery to creamery, Mari not only interviewed the cheesemakers but she pitched in and helped make the cheese. She was soon up to her elbows in curds, feeding goats and needling blue cheese rounds.

What sets this documentary apart is not just the up-close and-personal style but also the depth of knowledge about cheesemaking it imparts to the audience. The cheesemakers express their passion for cheesemaking and how it has changed their lives. We get a first hand account of the intimate relationship they have with their product. After all cheese, like wine, is a living thing.


"Living on the Wedge" was underwritten by the Dairy Business Innovation Center and the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board.




JAMES BEARD Award Nomination
"Living on the Wedge" was nominated in the catagory of best television special. Winners will be announced on May 6, 2007.